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At Specialty Pak, we are very passionate to provide you with packaging that will help sell your product! Did you know that 98% of the 1st times sale is the package! As Specialty Pak, we will work with you every step of the way to make sure your product gets noticed and stands out! We offer a wide array of different style bags, we carry: side gusseted bags, stand up pouches, square bottom bags, we have flat pouches, sample size frac bags, and a variety of Earth Friendly compostable bags. We carry the only 100% compostable valve. We also have a kcup program, where we can co-pack your coffee into single serve cups and printed 2.0 lids.

If you're interested in printing your logo on the package, we use state of the art roto gravure up to 9 colors. Roto gravure is very high definition you can even print pictures on the bag! On the paper tin tie bags we can do flexographic in house, we also offer Hot Stamping, and Label printing.

Please let us know your ideas and what we can do to assist you, we are always happy to help!

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